Zoning Office

Village of Leetonia

300 East Main Street

Leetonia, Ohio 44431

Phone:  (330) 427-6721, Ext 104

Cell Phone:  (330) 420-8055

Fax:  (330) 427-8088

Email:  zoning@leetonia.org

Office Hours:

Tuesday and Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Additional Links

Zoning Code (2009) Leetonia Local Flood Protection Project

Building Code (2009) Rental Property Form

Village Income Tax Form for Contractors Village Zoning Permit Application

Variance Request Form Contractor Requirements

Foreclosure Ordinance Foreclosure Registration Form

Current Zoning Map

Floodplain Information

Special Purpose Flood Damage Reduction Ordinance

Facts About Flood Insurance

Questions & Answers About Floodplain Development Regulations

Floods and Floodplain Development Prevention

Special Flood Hazard Area Development Permit Application

Administrative Checklist (this is for administrative use only)

Zoning/Building Application Procedure

Zoning/Building Permit Application

Flood Insurance Rate Map 1

Flood Insurance Rate Map 2

Underground Mine Information

Map Provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Ohio Department of Natural Resources Underground Mine Database

Ohio Mine Subsudence Insurance

Current and Historic Maps of Leetonia

Current 1950 1923 1910 1903 1898 1893 1888 1884


passed December 6, 2017 and effective January 5, 2018