Street Department

300 East Main Street

Leetonia, Ohio 44431

(330) 427-8087

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Hours of Operation

7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

The Department maintains 16 miles of paved, concrete, brick and chip and sealed streets and 3 miles of gravel alleys within the Village Limits.  We take care of potholes and street repairs, street signs, snow plowing, cleaning of ditches, installing culverts and catch basins, brush pick up, leaf pick up, mowing and trimming and putting up flags and Christmas decorations around the Village.  We also assist the Water and Sewer Department with service line and hydrant installations and repairs.

Public Works Superintendent:  Butch Donnalley

Driveway Culvert Permit General Information

Driveway Culvert Requirements

Application to Work Within a Village Right of Way



Ditch Permits

General Information

Culvert Pipe Installation  The Public Works Superintendent or the Village Administrator have all the necessary permit application packets and regulations for installing culverts and the backfill requirements.  One of them will inspect all proposed new construction sites to determine the needed requirements.  Once installation of the culvert is complete, one of them inspect the culvert before backfilling can be done.  A permit is required by anyone installing a culvert.  Call the Public Works Superintendent for questions or more information at (330) 427-6721, Extension 201.

Clean Up Programs  

The Street Department tries to have spring clean up starting two weeks before Memorial Day.  We require the brush be no longer than six (6) feet in length and that grass clippings and small twigs be bagged. These should be piled in the curb lawn area.  Occasionally, brush is picked up throughout the Village after Memorial Day, but only after all other duties in the Village have been done, maintenance of equipment has been completed, and time permits.

The Superintendent started "Saturday Clean Up" in the Village in 2001.  He tries to schedule two Saturdays a month for cleaning the streets, collecting brush, cleaning catch basins, and cleaning up the parks within the Village.  Our part-time employees, volunteers and community service workers handle the assigned tasks for Saturday.

Leaf pickup is scheduled for six weeks starting in October.  We pick up bagged leaves and take the leaf machine out to pick up leaf piles that have been raked out to the edge of the curb lawn.

The Street Department also picks up debris from storms.  We divide the Village into two sections.  The first section is the north side of town, from R/R tracks to Washingtonville limits.  The second section is the south side of town, from R/R tracks south to Village limits.  Brush must be stacked neatly and in the same direction by the edge of the curb.  Tree limbs should be cut if they are longer than six (6) feet in length. Small twigs, brush, and leaves should be bagged and set by the curb.

Snow Route

The Village has designated snow routes that are priority during the winter.  There are priority streets on both sides of town.  One crew covers the north side and the second takes care of the south side.  There is one truck assigned to each side of town.  The streets coming into the Village, downtown area, around the school and the hills are plowed first.  Since these streets are used for business, school, and emergency vehicles, they take priority.  The secondary streets (side streets) are then plowed.  Alleys are plowed when all other streets have been cleared.

Winter Reminders

Please remember not to follow plow trucks too closely.  Salt is dispensed off the back of the truck and snow off of the plow swirls causing poor visibility for drivers.  Don't stop too closely behind a plow truck.  Drivers may be preparing to back up and not see you.  If you can't see the driver mirrors, they can't see you.

In winter, try not to park your vehicle on the street.  The snow crews can clean the roads better and this also minimizes the risk of damaging vehicles.

Always remember to have your car winterized.  Make sure your gas tank is full, to keep the gas lines from freezing.  Carry items like kitty litter or sand, flashlight, blankets, ice scrapers, a small shovel, and flares in case of an emergency.

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