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The following Standing Committees are established for the years 2022 and ending December 31st 2023. Established per motion of Council see Council Minutes February 16th 2022.  

Street                                                                                       Community Development

Chairman Bill Garlough                                                          Chairwoman Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson                                                                        J. R Ferry

Suzanne Tobuck                                                                       Sue Strobel

Finance                                                                                    Storm Water

Chairwoman Suzanne Tobuck                                                 Chairman Richard Newton

Ashley Johnson                                                                        Bill Garlough

Sue Strobel                                                                               Suzanne Tobuck

Police                                                                                       Zoning

Chairman J.R. Ferry                                                                Chairwoman Sue Strobel

Bill Garlough                                                                           Suzanne Tobuck

Richard Newton                                                                       Ashley Johnson


Chairman Bill Garlough

Richard Newton

Suzanne Tobuck

Water/Waste Water

Chairman J.R. Ferry

Richard Newton

Ashley Johnson


Chairwoman Sue Strobel

J.R. Ferry

Richard Newton