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Beginning the week of July 27, 2020, the Village will begin replacing fire hydrants on Pearl Street, Waddell Street and Somer Street. The tentative schedule is as follows:

Pearl Street residents will have water shut off no earlier than 8 AM on Monday, July 27th. 

Waddell Street residences will have water shut off no earlier that 8 AM on Tuesday, July 28th. 

Somer St. is tentatively set for water shut off on Thursday, July 30th, again no earlier than 8 AM.

Notices will be delivered door to door at least the day prior to the shut off.

A boil order will be in effect after water is restored. Another notice will be hand delivered to each residence once the boil order has been lifted. All customers may experience fluctuating pressure and discolored water for several days during and after hydrant replacement. Any questions can be addressed to Lisa Smith at 330-427-8087.