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Water Testing

Due to the recent events in East Palestine, The Village of Leetonia Lab would like to inform the 
residents in the affected areas and beyond that have concerns about their safety due to possible 
water contamination of vinyl chloride. Leetonia Lab will provide anyone that stops by with the 
proper bottles for testing your water and also help with any questions you may have.

The Price of the test will be $110.00. This will need to be paid when you drop back off your 
sample. The lab only accepts checks or money orders. Anyone wishing to make a payment using cash or 
card payments will have to go to city hall.

Normally we would expect the results back within 10-14 business days. But due to the higher volume 
of testing we could see some delays that may prolong these results.

If you have any more questions, please contact us at

Sample Bottles can be picked up at our Lab location Mon-Fri Between the hours of 7am-3:30pm
1 Saint Peters Street. Leetonia, Ohio 44431