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Equipment Operator


Perform all necessary duties as directed by Superintendent of Public Works for the Village of Leetonia and any regulations directed by The Mayor and Village Administrator. Ensure that the continuous operation of the waste water, water plant, and streets are maintained to Ohio EPA, OSHA, and Village standards. Conduct all operations safely on time and correctly. Continuously looks for ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs without jeopardizing the quality of work and service to Village residents.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Ensure all safety is the number 1 priority.
• Work with all employees of the Public Works Department.
• Keep and maintain maintenance records of all Public Works equipment.
• Learn all aspects of the operation of the Public Works.
• Must be able to operate all equipment safely to include snowplows.
• Oversee the safe and proper use of all Village equipment.
• Report any safety hazards or conditions deemed unsafe.
• Be able to operate without direct supervision and work independently.
• Follow all EPA guidelines.
• Follow all OSHA guidelines.
• Learn and understand how to use Village equipment safely and properly.
• Help with asset management updates on Village infrastructure.
• Make sure all required documentation is completed and done on time.
• Be able to work with others to complete a task.
• Learn and utilize GIS mapping.

Required Qualifications

• Valid Driver license.
• Pass drug screen.
• Must be available 24/7 for emergencies and call outs.