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Fire hydrants to be refurbished

UPDATE 06/20/2019

Eagle Scout Project Volunteer and Funding Drive

Painting will begin on Sunday, June 23 from 10:00 - 3:00. We will be meeting at our house and starting from there. We will begin with East High St., Wilson St. and Cherry Fork. If you would like to volunteer please message me for our address and any questions you may have. Also, any students needing community service hours this is your chance.


Eagle Scout Project Volunteer and Funding Drive

Village resident and Eagle Scout candidate Shayne Scragg of BSA Troop 22 has chosen to paint the 168 village fire hydrants in pursuit of his Eagle Scout rank, the Boy Scout’s highest honor. If you would like to help Shayne reach this goal as a volunteer contact him at 330-831-2136. Groups also welcome. Checks can be sent toLeetonia Village Hall, c/o BSA Troop 22, 300 East Main Street, Leetonia, Ohio 44431 and made to: BSA Troop 22 with Shayne Scragg Eagle Project in the memo line. Please be on the lookout for Shayne and his group in your neighborhood as he carries out this project over the summer.

Leetonia’s fire hydrants are going to be getting a face lift. Shayne Scragg of the New Waterford Boy Scout Troop will be refurbishing 168 fire hydrants in the Village. Shayne lives in Leetonia and has chosen this project to become an Eagle Scout. The estimated cost to remove rust and repaint the fire hydrants will cost $2,550.00. The project will start in June and it will take approximately 2 months to complete. Shayne is attempting to raise the cost of the project through donations. If anyone is interesting in donating, you can contact Gary Phillips, Village Administrator, @ 330-427-8090 or email your interest to Monetary donation or time donation is appreciated.

The Village of Leetonia would like to thank Shayne and all of his assistants for making Leetonia beautiful!!!

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