Water Meter Replacement Project

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Background: Replacement of approximately 850 water meters in residences and commercial locations. Installation of a Fixed Base meter reading system Hourly data for leak monitoring & customer service improvements Improve the Village's ability to read and bill water comsumption Timeline: Project...Read more

Trailhead Project 2017

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PID No. 97816 Funding Provided by: ODOT Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) Funds $185,667 Access Midstream Grant $ 14,200 CDBG Formula Funds $ 45,685 Village General Funds $ 63,920 project slideshowRead more

Home Street Widening Project 2018

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Funding Provided by: CDBG Formula Funds $69,969.00 Village General Fund $ 7,500.00 Monetary Donations $ 7,500.00 project slideshowRead more